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3 Ways To Get A Woman Instantly Hooked Into Talking To You

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Most men on the field nowadays struggle to run and hold steamy conversations with women without the risk of boring them to death.

Even if she joins you in your choice of conversational topic, you’ll never really know whether she is truly engaged and willing to participate from the jump. Her body language may reveal interest, but that’s so they don’t come across as inconsiderate and impolite.

So, they will try enduring, ‘stick it through’, and countdown for the moment of relieve – that’s when your lips go shut.

Now, how can you get a woman instantly hooked into the conversation while keeping her absolutely lost in the moment?

Here are a few solid dating tips to keep you on the right path. Follow these three fail-proof pointers and your rapport-building game will triple in success.

1. Project A Water-Like Confidence Level. Oh, you hear this over-tossed advice all the time? Well, here’s a more unique stab at this topic. Being confident may sound easy, but the real challenge lies in remaining consistently confident in all physical and vocal forms of projection.

When you confidently talk about a topic in a controlled manner without getting overexcited, it prompts a woman to pay attention as you’re subconsciously conveying substantial value with such delivery.

That’s why when you talk to a woman in a subdued vocal volume, while beckoning her to lean in closer – as if letting her in on a secret – you’ll have her hooked instantly.

Women are also more comfortable around men who behave assertively and have a high self-esteem. They dig a man who commands a domineering presence. It sends shivers down the nerve tunnels in their spine, even when they may not completely understand the gist of your story.

There’s a reason why American women are easily attracted to Non-English speaking European foreigners – as seen in movies – when the man manages to project himself butter-smoothly.

Keep a confident posture, vocal inflection, delivery, movement etc. Everything that comes out of you must be performed with integrity. However, don’t fall trap in attempting too hard to project confidence; then, you’d only appear tense and awkward.

The secret to retaining your confidence level is by achieving a relaxed state of mind all at the same time.

Women can sense immediately when a man is shaky, or incapable of staying grounded during a conversation.

Remember, emotions are contagious. If you’re confident during the interaction, so will she. It’ll be a win-win situation. Imagine if one party were speaking in absolute rage, the other will most likely undergo a buzz kill and want to file for escape. Now, let’s meet the cousin of confidence.

2. Master a diverse Humor Color Spectrum. Start categorizing your personal humor into color types. Imagine the humor color shades as: Silly (blue), wild (red), witty (yellow), sarcastic (grey), retarded (brown).

All can be equal in attraction level. That’s what most men don’t understand. If you try too hard in being, let’s say sparking ‘witty remarks’, it wouldn’t serve you as favorably as it would if you danced across the color spectrum.

As long as you don’t go overboard with behaving like a circus clown, or ramp off into the extreme of an assumed negative attribute, women will still find you amusing. Amusement is gold. That’s why it’s a multimillion industry and people pay for it.

They key objective is to avoid being black and white. Learn to bring life and color into people around you. Behave vibrantly, lively, and enthusiastically. Most people’s lives are sadly monochromatic and all-too-bland nowadays. Anything ‘extraordinary’ can easily attract their attention and interest.

3. Shine the Spotlight on Her. Talk about her. Women love talking about themselves. Swing the spotlight on her for the first few dates and bear with her rambles, anecdotes, regrets, and self-revelation, whatever. Regardless of how dis interesting they may seem to you, shoulder the mild exhaustion.

Let her be selfish and control the conversational direction if she wants. Encourage her to talk. When a woman shares more of herself, she naturally starts feeling closer to you.

If however, you encounter the quiet type, you may want to pry into her interests and use that as a bait. The conversation must be related to her personal interest.

Now, there are two major advantages to using your ears more than your mouth. For one, you get to learn more about whom you’re dating. Perhaps this girl isn’t whom you assumed she was when you naively judged her character first by appearance.

Secondly, you retain your mystery factor for the first few rounds. Women are inevitably drawn to unpredictable. They love surprises. They crave to be surprised. You want to non-verbally strip tease in front of her so to speak.

Don’t turn yourself in naked during the early phases of courtship by unraveling every thread and detail about your past. Save that for later.

Women are more concerned with where you can take her, not where you’ve been without her.

Combine all these three factors and you might even conquer the arts of verbal seduction. Just to wrap everything up, here’s are the three timeless principles when it comes to interacting with women: Behave consistently confident (CC), master the Humor Color Spectrum (HCS), and give her the larger share of talking time.

To exploding your game.

Andrew Wang

Creator of Sync Dating and Instant Addiction Formula

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