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What Does Your First Kiss Tell A Woman?

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1What Does Your First Kiss Tell A Woman? Empty What Does Your First Kiss Tell A Woman? on Fri Jul 24, 2009 6:29 am


What up guys,

I want to shed light on the importance of not screwing up your first kiss for a myriad of reasons. But here are two grand insights you should bear in mind.

The lip affairs you first engage in with a woman is one to prioritize and not leave to chance for it to be amazing.
Whether kissing her furtively, lasciviously, gently, shyly, or even stirringly, man, it better be good.

1. Your first kiss is one that functions with hidden complexities, and actually triggers a cascade of neural messages and bonding chemicals that provokes sexual frenzy, tactile sensations, growing intimacy, and pure ecstasy.

You probably heard this before. The kiss can make or break the likelihood of a relationship spurt between you and a woman. Scientists believe that the fusing of lips have transpired to facilitate mate selection. If your kiss sucks, you probably suck in bed.

2. According to evolutionary psychologist Gordon G. Gallup, Jr., of the University at Albany, State University of New York, “Kissing involves a very complicated exchange off information that may tap into underlying evolved and unconscious mechanisms that enable people to make determinations… about the degree to which they genetically incompatible.

This implies that the kiss may reveal to the extent of which a partner is willing to commit to raising children, one that is crucial to the survival of our species. Of course, we’re not trying to plant your seeds here.

However, don’t let your world fall apart if the first kiss didn’t go accordingly as you expected. What I’d do is pull her back in gently for a round two; not forcibly of course. As long as it’s better this time, she won’t even remember the first-time blunder.

Just a little history on kissing. Yes, it didn’t just happen.

Kissing actually evolved from the practice of primate mothers chewing food for their young and then feeding them mouth to mouth with lips puckered. It then evolved into a form of comforting a hungry child. Press your lips together became a way of affection and love expression.

Remember: Kissing unleashes a cocktail of chemicals that govern stress, motivation, social bonding, and sexual stimulation. Don’t play it lightly and expect yourself to be exempt from scrutiny. She’ll be telling her close friends about it.

Make sure you follow up on the next post where I unveil to you the secrets on delivering an unforgettable first kiss.

Hint: It’s easier than putting on boxing gloves and stepping into the ring.


Real Scientific Facts: Kissing releases a flood of ‘oxytocin’, a hormone responsible for social bonding, and lowers the level of ‘cortisol’, a stress relieving hormone.

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awww, i like this one!

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