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How to Get a Girl Interested In Coyote Bars!

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1 How to Get a Girl Interested In Coyote Bars! on Tue Aug 09, 2011 3:03 am



I thought it’d be super handy for my readers if I documented more of my own personal life outings, adventures, experiences.

Well here it is field report: A night out in a coyote bar, where I share with you some golden tips on how talk to girls and how to get a girl interested inside such venue.

Here, you’ll learn how to…

1. Make every coyote girl eye you in way that communicates they “want” you.
2. How to not ever let a woman’s looks destroy your confidence level again.
3. What conversational topics to run with coyote girls to build instant connection.
4. How to leave the venue with your girl’s number.

Before we begin, let me power drill this into your skull: If you ever shy away from Coyote girls – don’t; the have far more reason not to. From my long time observation, most patrons come to a loss with words when stunned by a woman’s beauty, or they become a bartender by buying them drinks.

Whenever you feel like you’re losing grip with your inner confidence, remind yourself: These are all normal girls, in nice bodies. You’re only hurting your chance of success by not manning up .Visualize yourself stripping away their veil of makeup, and ask yourself what more they have to offer to you besides their lips, tits, and ass.

All physically blessed women have their days of bad breath and bad cases of diarrhea. Judge a woman’s value never by her external façade, but her overall core character. I’m not a misogynist, but women aren’t angels. Some may have that angelical look, but no, they aren’t angels.

Women are people, and people are flawed.

Instead, what you want to do is make her qualify and prove her worth to you, before you give her unreasonable high marks. Get her to “show and prove”. That’s how you get more girls. Judging by looks to determine a woman’s worth is superficial, which I know you’re not.

Ok, let’s get started to the meat of the story.

Basically, me and boys decided on the last minute after our weekly Futsal game to down a couple of beers in the coyote bars here in Bangkok the other day. Why coyote bars and not strip clubs? Well, the girls in coyote bars are sexier, intellectual, and to me, they seem to carry higher standards.

Me and my boys casually stroll in.

After seating ourselves with the best view to observe all dancers, and then ordering our drinks, the female “manager/pimp” of the house comes to greet us and kindly suggests that we select a girl to accommodate us.

Now, what usually happens when you request a girl to sit beside you is that they’ll attempt to milk your wallet further, by pleading and guilt-tripping you to buy them a drink. This is for who those haven’t experienced a typical coyote bar here in Bangkok.

Knowing her ulterior motive, I select the manager herself, who was at least in her mid 50’s. She laughs, kindly refuses, and says she’s “too old” for me. I tell her how she still maintains a “young and sexy vibe,” “so I don’t mind.” “I’m sure we can have a mature discussion together”. She chuckles even more with my playful persistence, and I decide to end the talk there by telling her “I’ll pick another girl soon in a few minutes.”

Anyways, why did I talk to the floor manager (lady pimp)? Well, here’s a grand lesson you can take away.

Once you establish rapport or a good relationship with all the upper-hierarchy members in any night club venue, the working girls inside will automatically respect and love you more. They see this as a bold move.

And guess what… fortune and sex favors the bold.

So by going out the way, you instantly raise your perceived value and differentiate yourself immediately. In their minds, when they see their boss or superiors “having a good time” with you, it’s like you’ve won an official seal of approval from her. All that is required is on your part is good humor, steely balls, and sharp social skills. Treat the bosses or superiors like your friend, and that’s the easiest way no how to get a girl interested guaranteed.

10 minutes into the scene, we all decided to choose a girl. I chose the finest-looking one of the pack. The waitress sends her down, and the fun begins.

For those of you stumped on how to talk to girls of coyote status: Don’t ever let the idea of running a conversation pressure you. You’re not striving for world peace, or planning a jail break.

Your sole aim is to “get to know more about her”. Stop worrying about having to seduce her or presenting yourself as an attractive dude.

Just lead the conversation, keep it emotionally engaging, and you’ve got the cat in the bag.
Keep the opener simple, since it’s their job to initiate a conversation themselves. However, if you want to win them over, you most lead and control the dynamic of the conversation. That’s how you get a girl interested in general. Lead, lead, and lead.

More importantly, keep your energy level mid-high since you’re in a loud setting with music blaring. You want her to hear you clearly.


As she walks toward me, I lithely said in a British accent “Hello there.”

She wais , smiles, ensconces beside me. Then she introduces herself and tells me her name is “Mind”. (Yes, Thai people have odd nicknames).

Using her name as bait, I teasingly confront her and say… “So, you’re a highly intellectual being huh?” Since she also had glasses on, I made a remark on how “that explains why you have glasses. You’re playing your part! Lovely.”

She laughs, gives me a light punch, telling me to stop being a “tease” in Thai.

I continue teasing her, “Well that all makes sense. You did a fantastic job.”

I then notice a Chinese character tattooed on her back saying “Yi”, which translates as “Meaning” in Chinese. I ask her why she chose that particular word, out of the thousands of more “nice and meaningful Chinese characters” available.

She tells me “it’s pretty”. I playfully scoff,” is that the only reason? Do you know what it means?”

She says “No. Not at all.”

I congratulate again, telling her “good job.”

At this point, her attraction level is near boiling as I can tell from her positive body language (where she’s inching closer, and breaking into smiles often smiles intermittently). So far, all I’ve been doing is teasing her, instead of behaving like the norm where you’re either complimenting on her looks, trying to stick your penis into their ovaries, or getting them to fondle with your testicles.

I then go back to asking her again if she really didn’t know what her tattoo meant, which she confirms with rueful honesty in her eyes. Then, she begs me to explain.

To tease her further, I jokingly tell her it means “Boredom,” and jokingly tell her “It’s ok, we all make mistakes with our choices.” She gasps and a mild look of shock and embarrassment fills up her blush-pending face. I then rub her back in a circular motion to console her – a perfect opportunity to get physical.


Later, I play my “let’s get personal” cards, where I tell her to explain to me what “inspired her to be a coyote girl.” Remember, it’s all about strengthening the connection if you want them to really be into you. You don’t want the girls to treat you like a customer, but a prospective mate, to mate with. As a bonus, they also stop pestering you about buying them overpriced drinks.

She tells me about how she graduated from an economic major up north in Chiang Mai (Northern City), and made the decision to move to the capital instead to see what life is like here.

I ask her why an Economics graduate would seek for a job field like this, and asked whether because it made “economical sense.” More laughs evoked, and she agrees with me on how it pays so much better, plus, she enjoys dancing.

Next, I ask her how “dancing makers her feel”.

Then I ask her “what her life is like in the daytime.”

As you can see, there are no rocket-science questions here, yet I’m steadily forging a stronger emotional connection by gearing the conversation towards “her.”

The more a woman reveals about herself, the more she’s unknowingly investing herself into you.

Concerned that the “pimp” may catch her not doing her job, she points to the beer bottle and asks if I would buy her a drink. I tell her “Alcohol kills your liver. A dancer shouldn’t drink too much.”

In response, she chatters her teeth, as you would when you’re freezing, which I found amusing.” I tease her further by questioning whether “chattering your teeth like that is an indication of thirst,” and “if that’s what they taught you in your major.”

Right before she returns to her next dance set, I tell her to “give me your number.” Notice how I didn’t ask. It’s far more effective to command, as it exhibits the kind of leadership confidence which women are addicted to.

Now, for your information, it’s actually against the bar’s rule for coyote girls to hand out their numbers to customers when they’re on shift. But, hey, nothing’s impossible, and here’s how you do it.

First, keep it discreet. Tell them to just verbalize their number without writing it down on paper or punching it into your phone. The only work you have to do is memorizing it on the spot.

So, I get her number, and tell her “we’ll talk more later.”

When my girl went back up to the dance platform to perform another 5 minute set, I play the “jealousy card.”
I talk to this other cute coyote girl who my friend chose (who was preoccupied with business-related BBM’ing on his phone). I spotted her rose inked on her naval, and asked why she got it. To no surprise, she provides the same answer “I like it how it looks.”

When a woman ever gives you a plain and boring answer – punish her. So, I ask her with a sincere curious look if she ever considered “tattooing a tree on her entire leg, that way she can look like a “walking garden,” along with some other species of flowers, aloe vera, cactus, and “promised her it’d look very pretty too”, plus, she would be “watering her plants” as long as she showers.

Remember, what you really want to do is just have fun, tease, and get personal. It’s only a matter of time before you get the swing of this formula. It not only lifts up the mood and spirits of those you come in touch with, but also compounds the magnificence of your game.

That’s how you talk to girls, and how you get a girl interested inside coyote bars.

Now, if you’d like discover more cutting edge methods on how to verbally attract women, with wickedly effective ways to go from “hello” on the streets, to “hello” in the sheets, make sure you check out my latest book Verbal Playboy. (What, you haven’t gotten a copy?) I put a lot of time into making it a masterpiece, and I’m sure it’ll be a massive ace up your sleeve.

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