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Watch Restoration Tips

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1Watch Restoration Tips Empty Watch Restoration Tips on Wed Jun 15, 2011 11:37 pm


Clever Go Getter
Clever Go Getter
In general people wear watches daily and the faces of these watches show the neglect. Watch faces can scratch easily and will certainly collect dirt, dust, oil and other debris through general wear and tear. Watches are superbly made but quickly attract scratches and scuffs through normal wear, particularly on the clasp. After a few years their bracelet starts to look tired and shabby. While you can always go out and get a new watch, it may be worth it to simply give a good clean and shine to your watch face, restoring it to its original magnificence and prolonging the life of the watch for a long time to come.
watch restoration includes case and bracelet refurbishment too. While restoration is mostly done by qualified watchmakers some degree of watch restoration can also be done at home. If you can see dirt in crevices or creases on the watch face, you can use a toothpick to dislodge them, but be careful not to scratch the face. Dampen a clean soft cloth in soapy warm water and rinse the surface to remove any residual soapy water. Then dry with a soft towel or allow the watch face to air-dry completely. This will clean the visible dirt and dust from the face and the bracelet of the watch. If you are dealing with an heirloom or expensive watch, or deep damage done to the watch face, consider taking the watch to a professional jeweler for restoration instead of attempting it yourself. And get your watch serviced regularly to keep it working better.

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