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What Non-Famouses Wear To Music Festivals

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1 What Non-Famouses Wear To Music Festivals on Thu Jul 03, 2014 4:22 am


Music festivals have recently become a veritable playground of the oft-followed (whether their fame comes from Hollywood or Instagram), so much so that it's practically hard to hear the actual music over the din of their look-at-me outfits, the media entourage, and litters of paparazzi hoping to snap a sun-drunk (or just drunk-drunk) reality-show star.

But, there's also been a proliferation of music festivals bringing with it a whole host of otherscenes. Toronto's recent House of Vans at Vice Island bash, for example, welcomed acts like Future Islands, Pusha T, and Le1f, which all helped to attract fellow music fans — not just music-festival fans. The street style, as you can imagine, was refreshingly real, with all of the creativity and flair, and none of the peacocking. For a peek into what the fest-kids are really wearing these days, click ahead.


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