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The Best Street Style Blogs – Part 3

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1 The Best Street Style Blogs – Part 3 on Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:47 am


...continued from The Best Street Style Blogs – Part 2


17. Styleclicker -
This blog features captivating (and totally inspiring) close-up portraits of style setters entirely in black and white.

18. Easy Fashion Paris -
The name pretty much sums it up—this blog features beautiful photos of chic ladies and gents in the City of Lights.

19. Fashion Junk -
A blog entirely dedicated to the Hamburg street style (and it’s all written in German, too.)

20. Kingston Style -
Cool fashion from the streets of Kingston, Jamaica.

21. GarbageLapSlap -
Run by a media manager by weekday and street style blogger by weekend, this site is based mostly out Malaysia and Singapore, but captures street style from Japan, as well.

22. Toronto Verve -
This blog showcases the unique style and energy of Torontonians, and features interviews, film reviews and engaging stories.

23. Street Fashion in Krakow -
Again, the name pretty much sums it up: Engaging street style from Krakow, Poland.

24. Street Style Aesthetic by Wayne Tippets -
This street style site—arguably one of the best out there—has been around since November 2008, but British photographer Tippets has been photographing street culture since the late 1980′s, making his mark in Jamaica in the early nineties chronicling the explosive reggae/dancehall scene.

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