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South African Superstar Lira is the new Beyonce

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A lot of times American music fans are so consumed with artists from the homeland and neighboring countries that huge acts from overseas often go unnoticed. One such superstar entertainer is South Africa’s Lira.

Already a platinum selling performer on the African continent, Lira is basically a brand new act to listeners in the States. The Afro-Soul singer is now looking to change that dynamic with her first U.S. album release. Rise Again is a 13-track, multi-language compilation of songs that made the Johannesburg native a star back home.

With a list of accomplishments that include maintaining the largest Facebook following of any South African musician, a BET Award nomination for Best International Act in 2012, and performing for former South African president Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday celebration, Lira’s chances of making a mark in the U.S. seem like a sure bet.

Get familiar with Lira in’s exclusive interview:

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