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1 on Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:35 am


Traveling now is not a luxurious thing. It’s a normal activity and people from all generations travel to weird places every day! It has never been so easy and so popular. If you search the web you will find thousands of travel guides, ticket selling agencies, tips and tricks, accommodation options, etc.

I found something very interesting and useful and would like to share it with you. If you have 12 hours in a particular city or just long connection between flights, check out

The site is created by people who love to travel. They also love design, and music, and fashion. is full of tips that aren’t about money, but about great discoveries from all around the world. To keep it simple, it’s organized in itineraries. 12 hours per trip. Sweet and short. With the best to see, do, eat, and dance to be fit in one short stay.

Travel Guides For People Like You

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