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[toodope brand] – 2012 Official Street Edition Line up Sheet

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Clever Go Getter
Clever Go Getter
Our latest drop will feature the “Street Edition” AKA “La Calle.” In this collection we incorporate street life. From the powerful reflection of receiving a bandana from a fellow brother which makes you feel part of a family to being a Vato Loco, a guy with no boundaries and no fears to take on the world. The street edition shows that with going on 3 years you have to be strong to survive in the game just as you have to be strong to survive in the streets with violence, gangs, and bad surroundings for they do exist in the streetwear game. You have to be careful of who you trust and who you let join your gang AKA your familia.

Too Dope Bandanas
Toodope is releasing this custom bandana. There are two versions. One with signature toodope and the other with our candy skull logo. The passing of a bandana symbolizes a brotherhood and becoming part of a family.

Paisley Coin Pouch

Outlaw Tee

Vato Loco Tee
The Vato Loco tee symbolizes how no sane person can handle the dangers and obstacles you have to face in the streets. You must not have fears, because without those fears, there are no limits. The Old English font is a popular font in street sub-cultures, such as low-riders, cholos, and vatos locos.

Blood In Blood Out Tee
Blood In Blood Out was a late 90s movie that involved chicano relatives. Because of the 90s-related references in our collection and our hispanic heritage that is already present in many of our designs, the Blood In Blood Out t-shirt is one that many people can relate to and sport proudly.

Paisley Skull Tee
This is our signature logo made out of paisley print. The paisley print, which is used on bandanas, had a big influence on our street edition. The print symbolizes a brotherhood. The candy skull represents the hispanic culture behind our brand and in hispanic culture, family is number one. Within our brand and our supporters, we’re one big familia.

Explicit Jersey
Inspired from the early 90s, this design comes from the albums of artists such as NWA and Ice Cube. This piece takes us back to the good ol’ days of playing football on the streets. Back then, being explicit was the thing to do with artists. We’re taken back to that time with this jersey.

Paisley Block Hoodie

Paisley Block Crew Neck

Por Vida Jacket

Street Edition is now available to order on

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