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TrendSetters Elite Clothing Co.

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1 TrendSetters Elite Clothing Co. on Fri May 11, 2012 3:00 pm


Clever Go Getter
Clever Go Getter
Ive been involved in the brand and things are kind of crazy how well such a little brand has been doing.
The founder is very inspirational traveling from California, NY, Texas and more to becoming a self taught Graphic Designer, he was a barber since 14 years and was cutting a few professional NFL players hair and just pushed his brand. The designs are clean and limited and Pharrell Williams (Neptunes) was actually seen rocking the tee, he said he met the owner and was inspired by his determination. I actually know him and he's all grind, their are designs for the summer and fall already prepared and over 200 of the tees have sold since the site on bigcartel was launched. Only thing I wonder is why he doesn't want to do celebrity endorsements? But I guess he wants it to be understood that we are all TrendSetters and our uniqueness is expressed in everything we say do and wear. Its a mindset! but im new so I can post the link unless I put it as

I seen pharrell w/ a logo tank on and ever since then ive been purchasing, only thing is theyre items are limited so I didnt get the one he had on:( but I got the new Wealth Freedom Ambition Tank top for the summer!

Theres a blog too if you google EnrichTSE, very helpful


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