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NE-YO Calls Out On All The Haters..

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1NE-YO Calls Out On All The Haters.. Empty NE-YO Calls Out On All The Haters.. on Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:55 pm


I had a good laugh. Here's an excerpt from NE-YO addressing all the rumors still brewing from his haters:

Source: His myspace

“One rule of being a gentleman is to keep your cool and composure at all cost, but right about now I gotta loosen up this tie and take off this expensive suit jacket and talk to the people for a minute. The haters especially.

Pardon my french, but what the fu*k is wrong with y’all!?! Are you so desperate for an R&B bad guy that you gotta find a way to create one in me??

Okay, the comment about light skinned babies…….n obvious joke, maybe not a good joke, but clearly a joke. Y’all REALLY took that serious!?!

I understand that a hater’s job is to hate, clearly. But it’s when people start feeding in to what a hater is saying that something must be addressed.

The whole gay thing. For goodness sake it’s been 4 years!!!! Y’all still on that huh? The whole “boys” song, and the song “go over there”. See this is what happens when people steal. These songs were clearly written for women. Had you been patient, you would have heard them the way they were supposed to be heard, with the voice of the intended artist on em’. But noooo, someone gets a hold of these demos and suddenly everybody forgets that I write songs for women. Riiight.

I tell People Magazine that Young Jeezy’s crib is right next to mine and that once I saw him in there from across the way. I then make a JOKE about him maybe not wanting to walk around naked in his crib with the shades up cause the buildings are THAT close to each other, and that AIN’T something I care to see. Suddenly, everybody thinks I said I saw Young Jeezy in his crib naked when, NEVER ONCE did I say anything like that.

I mean come on people. Is this really what you’re gonna spend time on??
Will you not be satisfied until I truly become this asshole you so desperately want me to look like??
Here’s my stand on the whole thing:
I’m NOT gay, I’m NOT prejudice to anyone, I DID NOT get stomped out by Jim Jones or anyone else, I’m NOT engaged, I’M NOT STUPID. And to anyone that INSISTS on thinking that any of these things are true……FU*K YOU. To the haters….find some new material please!!! It’s 2009, our president is black!!! Time for change. To everyone else……I love you to death, thanx for all your support. WE PLATINUM ROUND HERE!!!!!

Much love, and see you at the grammy’s. Check the suit…’s gonna be TROUBLE!!!”

- NE YONE-YO Calls Out On All The Haters.. 613x600musicne-yoprev

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