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'*' 3 Powerful Tips on How To Talk To Girls and Strike Connection Immediately

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Still unsure about how to talk to girls with unbreakable success and finesse? Then read on, because you’re in for a big treat.

Running a heavily engaging and exciting conversation is easy – the most common problem for most men is their unhealthy tendency to over-think the process. When you over complicate a matter, you struggle as your nerves go haywire and your confidence level sinks. You mind and inner game fails to function at its optimum.

Your first step is to wake up and realize that knowing how to talk to girls is a dead-easy process; you need to liberate yourself from the built-in belief that it is a challenge, and replace this false belief with one that’s invigorating and optimistic like “talking to a girl, is something I was born ready for.”

So let’s get over to 3 easy, quick, yet powerful solutions on how to talk to girls with ease.

1. Don’t think too much about the conversation. Stop planning far too advanced on what topic you should say next. Thinking is the enemy to hosting a natural flow in any conversation. It stifles the vibe, the spontaneity and fun. It’s an energy and chemistry drainer. You should not focus “inside” your head, but focus on her and bringing “fun” into the conversation.

2. Talk to her like you’re talking to your best friend. Think about it, when you talk to those who are close to you, do you get analytical with your thoughts? When you’re just shooting the breeze, does your mind sweat about “what to say next?”

When you’re talking to your best friend, you feel relax. Employ this state. Plus, when you relax, the woman you’re talking to will feel relaxed. Don’t ever let your thoughts be preoccupied with anything stress-related, or anything remotely negative. Emotions are infectious and she will be able to sense it. Women are emotionally empathetic creatures, so they can “feel” what you feel. So in short, feel as you want her to feel.

3. Behave carefree. A conversation will not kill you; neither should you ever allow it to shatter your dignity or ego if things don’t go accordingly. In fact, when you’re out of words, let your positive body language do the talking. An interaction is a matter of energy exchange. If your entire self is radiating with warmth and positivism, she will make effort to talk to you to avoid any silences!

So, don’t burden yourself with concerns about whether or not the conversation will ever go well. Just know it eventually will. If you play any sports, borrow that pre-game feeling where you’ve been training for days on end, and now you’re more than “ready to game”. And don’t forget: Talking to women was something you were born ready for.

There we have it: 3 easy and ready-to-implement dating tips on how to talk to girls, and I know it’ll serve you well for a lifetime.

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