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'*' How To Improve Your Inner Game by Building Your Inner Cool

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What defines a man's inner cool?

If images of luxury rides, diamond-set watches, or anything lavish flashes in your mind, you've got the wrong idea about possessing an authentic inner cool.

To start with, your inner cool plays a vital role on how to improve your inner game. It is an internal element which should be exuded effortlessly as part of your identity. If the question to how to feel confident with women still baffles you, this is the only attribute you should consider cultivating.

Anything external is superficial and won't emotionally infect a woman's state, not in the long run at least, as they don't provide stimulus for attraction to grow.

You might turn heads and catch a woman's attention with a concept Lamborghini car, but in today's social world, an intellectual and quality girl is not that easily wooed by a man's financial status only. They want their emotions to be constantly stimulated, and a car only provides bragging rights.

Your car may suggest that you are financially stable, which is a plus to most women if they do see you in it, but the only hearts it'll melt are those of heavyweight gold diggers.

So how can you achieve this inner cool?

First, you have to remind yourself that it is already in you. It's an internal source which can be cultivated, and should be activated throughout the day. Ultimately, this is how to improve your inner game. In the beginning, you will have to consciously work to not "lose touch" with it.

Your inner cool is the feeling that keeps you grounded and leveled. When you feel sane, relaxed, in control, liberated, secure, confident, you are cool, and your body language will follow suit.

We all have control of our inner cool
, as it is connected with our inner game. To manage your inner cool, manage your internal dialog, your belief systems. Monitor your daily conversation - how & what you say to yourself. Optimize your internal experience.

Treat your inner cool like a garden - water it daily.

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