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Powerful Tip on How To Get More Girls By Getting In Shape

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It seems like a lot of guys out there are facing this self-image predicament. Many are too self-conscious or insecure with their bodies, and has dug in the belief that it's hindering them from success in how to get more girls.

Here's how it works. To get more girls, you must first get yourself together.

If you don't have the courage to treat your body right, how will you be able to muster the same courage to continuously improve your attraction level, or even treat your prospective girl with the right dose of good vibes?

You can not perform at your optimum if there's always a nagging self-conscious body issue in the back of your mind. The smartest thing to do is tackle your problems head on. Confront and conquer them.

Most guys get stuck in the "thinking" and "fleeting" phase, where they keep promise themselves to change for the better tomorrow, but that promise usually winds up in the bin. Or, they start eating right, working out, but the revert back to their old ways after a week or so.

Shaping up and staying fit is one thing, doing it and maintaining that habit is another.

I don't know what your socio-lifestyle is like, but if you have a schedule that revolves around lavish living, culinary indulging, back-to-back party nights, then losing weight may just seem out of the question.

But ask yourself this: Is this the lifestyle worthwhile of not just your sex-life, but your bodies need? Are you happy with the body you see in the mirror? You do want to know how to get more girls right?

Your close friends may tell you to ignore your appearance, and tell you that they're fine with the way you are. Well, those are statements coming from your friend, not your girlfriend.

News flash: What women like is a man with a body, just like you'd ideally want a woman with smoking hot curves and legs. And when on a date, they want to be seen in public with a good-looking male figure, just as you'd want to also.

Surely, you wouldn't want anyone to start talking about your weight behind your back right?

If your weight is a matter of your concern and it's been skewing and chewing at your confidence level for quite some time now, why continue living like the old ways?

This is an ageless fact: Shaping up your appearance and your wardrobe will always give you an edge on how to get more girls.

The good news is: Your weight is all under your control. Instead of partying up, invest time in the gym, or if you don't have the time or money, do what I did before, go for daily power-walking sessions when you're commuting.

Once you get into the habit of this simple work out, your mind will involuntarily look forward to it. You grow into liking any activity which you may initially dread. Why? because humans are creatures of habit. It no longer becomes a chore or bore, but rather an effortless activity which will only benefit you immensely in the long haul.

When you can take care of your body, women will notice. You will be doing yourself a big favor on how to get more girls as you're demonstrating that you respect yourself - which universally and indefinitely, is what women like.

Starting from today, wake up to every morning reminding yourself: Shape up, or ship out.

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