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'*' What Women Want In a Man Is Dominance

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A dominant man guys, is what women want in a man.

What constitutes a dominant man? He's someone who is driven and ambitious. Not a thinker, but a DOer. Dominant males are those that are comfortable in their own skin and confident with who they are. In most cases, these are people who score executive level positions; those who have deeper-pockets; those with higher chances with securing success in all facets of life.

Dominant men exude power, and you should know by now, women are easily attracted to those with social and financial power. While most men aim for women with looks, women need a guy who is reliable, independent, and strong-minded.

What women want in a man are power-players and leaders.

In every women is a deeply rooted instinct that prompts them to gravitate towards such dominant males. What a woman wants is a dominant partner that not only brings security, but spices up their life.

They simply cannot suppress this inner urge. It's part of their survival instinct.

If you learn how to project the most subtle gestures, voice, or attitude of a dominant male, women will instantly be attracted to you subconsciously.

Some examples of dominant men are those you see in the media. Jay Z, P.Diddy, Kanye West all fall into the category of dominant men.

Nice guys? They're far from that. Go on Youtube and study their personality and behavior. The way in which they speak or rap in their music all reflects dominance. In fact, they know what women want in a man, therefore they behave in ways that supports the attraction.

There's never shakiness or hints of uneasiness in their voice, neither have they ever lost sight of their life direction.

So, what are some dominant male traits that you can immediately develop and affix in your arsenal?

1. Never be submissive. Never be weak. Never seek approval from others on how they should behave in a social situation.
2. Never shy away from conversations or meeting with new people
3. Never pay much mind to what others think of you.control of YOUR reality. Be your own authority.
4. When in a group of men and women, dominant males know that it's "Them" who the girls want to sleep with.
5. Your life is what you make of it.The future is yours.

Guys, being a dominant male, is all about your attitude and projecting the image that you are fun to be with, that you are in control, and not a nice wimpish guy.

Here's a great example of a non-dominant male. Peep the dialogue.

She says: So, what should we do tonight?
He says: I don't know. Anything is good. What are you in the mood for?
She says: Not sure myself, you can pick.
He says: I still don't know, argh.
She says: (frustrated) OK. I'll plan. How about the movies?
He says: Ah, there's nothing that catches my attention right now. How about stay in for the night?

A dominant man would have never be uncertain of what to do with women. They always have something planned. Something exciting. They will take a woman by the hand and transfer her into a state of wonderment.

Hot Tip: The more you believe you are a dominant male, the more likely you'll become one. Self-fulfilling prophecy, or just the power of belief is that incredible. Let it perpetuate. When women instinctively register your role as a dominant male, she will surrender to your presence, regardless of how high their heads are up in the clouds.

The more dominant you become, the more mating opportunities you'll have. It doesn't get more complicated than this.

Don't just be a man, BE the man.

This is what women want in a man.

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