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The Most Dangerous Mistake Men Make With Women

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You are out on a Friday night and you eye this wonderful little treat. The most gorgeous woman you’ve ever seen and possibly the girl who have been dreaming about. You then get a nervous feeling in your gut and these questions start arising in your head.

* What do I say to her?
* What if she’s here with other people? What do I do next?
* What if people are watching and I fall?

At this point, everything seems fine now. You approached her and started a conversation. When asking her number, that’s when you make your first mistake.

Maybe she won’t give you her number. Maybe she gives you but it’s a wrong number. Maybe it’s the right number but when you call her, she doesn’t remember giving it to you.

Seem familiar? This is the most dangerous mistake you can make with women.

Do you know what that is? Focusing more on yourself than her.

Most guys, who do this, don’t realize that they are doing it. It’s so easy to focus on yourself than others. It’s easy to make yourself the victim. When talking to a girl, its easy to think about what you should say next to her; it’s ridiculously easy to be aware of your nervous feelings and how to over come it.

Instead of focusing on your nervous feelings, you should try to focus on her!

* Is she alone or with friends?
* Does she look bored? Drunk?
* Is she smiling and having a good time?

Focus on her and observe as much as you can. You can learn so much about someone just by noticing their non-verbal communication. Pay attention to how she reacts to you.

* Does she look interested in you or just humoring you?
* Does she touch you while talking to you?
* Does she play with her hair a lot?

Those are the kinds of things you should be noticing. An old saying goes, “don’t listen to what people say, it’s what they do that matters.” Go along with that and you can understand her more than what she says to you.

Body language never lies. With that in mind, you can figure out if a girl is interested in you or not so you can avoid rejection and heartache. You can know if this girl is worth your time or just plainly wasting it – make the right moves!

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interesting post. haha

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