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TheBrandWithNoName (Upcoming Brand)

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1 TheBrandWithNoName (Upcoming Brand) on Thu Jul 22, 2010 3:44 pm


Clever Go Getter
Clever Go Getter

Hello, Im Jakobi Mclemore, Im 16 and I am the proud owner of thebrandwithnoname.
The name might be kinda absurd, but The word that im trying to get out is logical.
Im trying to express that we don't need names to identify who we are, it's what we do to make the person. is the main website/blog for the line now.

The new season that came out on July 1st, mainly attacked the government in a way where I tried to express my feelings about the government through threads.
Everything that I try to put out has a meaning behind it. I honestly don't care if anyone buys my stuff as long as im getting my word out to everybody, and the ones who look up to me, follow in a path to success.

Heres a couple pieces and designs from the "season"

Eye of the beholder meaning (In my opinion)
Controversy is a big havoc in the united States. one great one is the Eye of Providence. Not too many know the true meaning of the eye. I have made this design to express my opinion of what i think it means. With the saying "Deliver us From evil within the Eye of the beholder" And the beholder being as a godly figure, which expresses Americans using religion as an excuse for whats happening to use as a whole. Salvation i will come at the end so no one is worried how our Earth is ran. People should be more worried about saving our home and not damaging it because they know their beholder is behind them.
NSA Meaning In My Opinion:
NSA stands for "National Security Agency" for America. I made the logo with the twin towers with a city line in front to use as irony towards the government and their security. In my opinion the government is more concerned with other countries attacking each other than the war thats going on in our own home. The back of the crew displays a line that shows "And Only God Can Save Us? We Can't Save Ourselves" which goes back to my theory of our country using religion as a plausible force that everything's going to be okay, which was proven wrong when the towers fell and hundreds and thousands of our people were killed.
USofLuxry Meaning In My opinion:
It includes the LV damier pattern in front of the U.S. seal.
The meaning for the design is to show kinda the greed of the united states, that we put material things before everything.
No matter what job you have, its for the money for most of the citizens.
If your a doctor that saves lives, the doctor saves lives at the end of the day because of the money, they went to school for many years because of the money.
As sad as it sounds thats how our country revolves.

Thank you for your time, check out the site for more stuff.
how you can understand where im coming from.

-Jakobi McLemore[img][/img]

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