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Fat Kids proudly presents Aww Shit! Australia's Biggest Street Culture Party (Winter Series)

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Clever Go Getter
Clever Go Getter

Mike : Yo… what happened last night at Aww Shit?

Kuki : Umm… It got pretty messy… you don’t want to know!

Mike : I really do cuz you threw up on my girl!

Kuki : Really? Nah dude, this is how it went down. So… I started the night having a few drinks whilst listening to The Germs and couldn’t help but think about how I was going to quit my lame job on Monday! Feeling pretty down I decided that I’d head out to Aww Shit for a bit of a cheer up.

I got there at about 11:30 and the place was pretty packed and the vibe was pretty dope. I saw Hwissey and Moshi getting drunk at the bar… so like any good friend I decided to partake in the festivities. 15 drinks and 5 shots later I decided it was time to get Crunk on the dance floor… They played Wu Tang… and I lost my shit! Whilst getting crunk (yeah that’s a word I use now), I started dancing with this chick on the dance floor, you know the one you introduced me to? F***, I forgot her name. Whilst doing my usual ‘try to dance but I’m way too f***ed up’ waltz… I felt a thud and an instant pain through my face, like I had been punched… but I hadn’t been punched! The f***in’ DJ threw his sneakers at my face… weird! I got to keep the sneakers though!

Anyways after nursing my wounds I felt the need to drink a little… OK a lot! So I went to the bar to smash a few more jugs. Whilst drinking, I saw that girl you introduced me to, she was really worried and asked if I was OK, I said yes, and decided to have a crack at her. I tried to lay down some game but was a complete fail… she felt a little sorry for me and decided to take me home. All I remember is waking up naked, feeling really sick and throwing up in the bed… Where the f*** are we anyway?

Mike : At my house! Meet my ex girlfriend Vanessa!

Kuki : Yeah that was her name… Vanessa! So, I’ll let you guys sort this out. Catch you at the next Aww shit?


That’s right… lock away 19th June (Saturday) and be prepared for an epic night as Fat Kids return with the second installment of AWW SHIT! (Australia’s BIGGEST Street Culture Party - Winter Edition). This time we are alleyway dwelling at Roxanne Parlour! Hosted by the one and only Louie Knuxx.

As usual we got $15G’s worth of streetwear threads, skateboards, DVD’s and a heap more to give away! What would an Aww Shit be without a Sneaker and T-shirt battle? The winner takes home $4G’s worth of gear!

We are also featuring live Street Art by 2 of Melbourne’s most respected female artists Peach and Miss Riz of Sketch City. The girls will be throwing up 2 pieces, one sprayed and one acrylic.

The 1’s and 2’s will be controlled by Australia’s favorite DJs Spleezy, 25th Hoodlum, Ms Butt and the infamous DMC Champ B.two. Aww Shiiiiiit!


What: Aww Shit! (Winter Edition)

When: Saturday, 19th June 2010

Where: Roxanne Parlour
Level 3, 2 Coverlid Place, Melbourne 3000

10pm till late

Pre sale $15 Door $20

Please contact for all press/media inquiries or visit for more info.


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Clever Go Getter
Clever Go Getter
Hey guys,

Aww Shit! is creeping up, So we've put a video series together leading up to the event…

This FIRST one is featuring our Operations Manager doing some pretty funny shit!

Plus VIDEO TWO! (Like A Baw$$)

ENJOY! Very Happy

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