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5 Winning Mentalities To Have - What Women Want in a Man

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5 Winning Mentalities To Have - What Women Want in a Man Absolute-dating-tips-attractive-qualities-240x300

A timeless secret of mine to attracting women from all walks of life is to acquire the right mindset.

You can be armed with every trick inside the bag on picking up girls, but if you don’t have the right mentality, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. What women want in a man is one who understands that in order to be attractive, his way of thinking must be aligned with such qualities that attract.

Here are some foolproof methods every men needs to pay attention to in order attract beautiful women left and right.

1. Quit thinking about sex. I’m not discounting the importance of sex itself, but what needs to be controlled is your desperation to feel sexually gratified. When you are too sex-oriented, your communication behaviors and attitude becomes imbalanced. Your eyes start glaring with fire, and that boiling urge to have sex will be detected by women right away, which could lead to them feeling instantly repulsed.

2. To attract women like the naturals do, what you want to do is invest time to get familiar with her core characteristics.

You need to trigger emotional responses, and sustain a strong rapport. Find out what her music preference is, what she values in life, what her belief towards human existence is etc. Be curious about who she is, how she thinks, and not just what physical assets she carries or how she performs in bed.

3. Don’t be quick to judge. We often tend to judge too quickly and conclude whether a woman is right for you based on their external appearance. Never be so shallow. You’re missing out if you are blinded by temptation to go only for women with looks. What women want in a man is non-superficiality, strong morals, and someone that’s non judgmental. Eventually, your ideal type will cross fate with you.

4. You should make yourself open to any type of girl that might come across your life and help you grow as an individual. Dating a girl who is all looks but no brains can only run for so long.

5. Stay aloof and not interfere too much with the girl’s “own business” or “schedule.” Instead, devote more of your precious time to building yourself, and making yourself more valuable. Don’t work on attracting women; channel your energy and efforts on becoming more attractive.

Before I wrap this entry up, never front or deceive women. What women want in a man is one with an attractive mind, not just attractive body features.

I hope you guys enjoyed this entry.

And that's all for now Smile have a great day.

Andrew Wang

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