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HAPPY 4/20

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1 HAPPY 4/20 on Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:00 am


Clever Go Getter
Clever Go Getter
I'm not sure if everyone here knows whats 4/20 is but if you do, and you celebrate, how did you celebrate?

I blazed in my backyard with a candle and put my cousins head on fire(couldn't find lighter or pipe, i think my mom or her boyfriend stole it 0.0) Later that night we went to go get pizza and I swore I saw Santa behind the vending machine. Then we went out to a park and fell off swings for about an hour hahahaha.(don't worry cousins still alive and i hope this isn't too inapropriate?) Oh yeah I was scared of eye drops for some reason?LOL


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Clever Go Getter
Clever Go Getter
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