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What up guys... I've decided to set up a new page at Streetwearxhiphop, which I'm sure should be of great benefit to many.

Here's the excerpt from the introductory entry for "Designer's Corner"


Attention all up and coming designers!Streetwearxhiphop is proud to set forth and present to you the “Designers Corner”.

We are aware that there are numerous talented aspiring street wear designers surfacing from all axis of the globe today. However, we understand that securing success in this cutthroat fashion field is no walk in the park. Today, you’re not only judged by the deftness or quality in your design design – but also how you strategically you market it.

With this common predicament, we’ve decided to launch the Designer’s Corner, where you the special designer can access a wealth of powerful branding, designing, promoting, and marketing tips to help jump start your career, or take your progress to new heights.

At the Designer’s Corner, our main focus to is help build, adjust, and strengthen your brand on-and-offline.


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