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Street Style inspirations…The Knots

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1 Street Style inspirations…The Knots on Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:48 am


Knots have never been out of fashion. No matter if you tie your favorite shirt, a scarf on your head or on your wrist or something on your belt.
The knot can be this single element to turn ordinary vision into something interesting, sometimes avant-garde, even boldly. You can do a small inconspicuous nodule or a large knot. You can only tie the end of your shirt or almost all of it.
If you have a collection of old T-shirts sitting in your drawers gathering dust, bring new life to your wardrobe by giving them a T-shirt makeover. With a pair of scissors and a little pizazz, you can easily redesign your T-shirts and make them shirts with knots on the sides.

So knot bravely!

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