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Street Style inspirations ...T-shirt with a capital T in front

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"I will not tell you, I will write it clearly and precisely, at the front of my t-shirts. I'm Supergirl, Superman or wear a heart that cannot be easily enchanted. I laugh at serious things or accept minor flaws. Occasionally I eat junk food, keep the child in me, I love marshmallows and I am never ashamed to admit it."

To express yourself through a fashion shirt has become a tool to attract attention that is used especially often in the collections this season. Logo mania and ironic prints became great summer trend.
Witty captions, Scarlet Letter of favorite brand names and labels, the leaders of fashion…Film and animated icons are no longer just in the hearts of fans, but also on the T-shirts, sweater and sweatshirt.

The street has long loved this trend, and for some time I!

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