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Art gifts for the beloved ones

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1Art gifts for the beloved ones Empty Art gifts for the beloved ones on Thu Jul 17, 2014 4:37 am


You are going to a birthday party, wondering what to buy for a gift. You want to be something different, something original. In such cases, you can benefit from the small art shops such as "Euphoria".
The shop concept is to a place where you can buy things that are not a mass production, things that are hand made and which bear its individuality.

Helen Dyulgerova and Milena Mancheva - both authors of many of the works in the gallery - creating "Euphoria" about a year ago. Decoupage technique is one of the key ones - decoupage on wood, textiles, leather, glass, and whatnot. Each site is unique and there is no two identical works.

I liked some of the jewelry made of old cutlery. It's amazing how beautiful earrings or necklace can be obtained from some ordinary, old forks. It's all about imagination and heart!
Other thing that impressed me a lot on are their unique sneakers. They are made using decoupage for sneakers - strange but extremely well done idea.
You can check the items at

9, "San Stefano" St
Sofia, Bulgaria

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