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HUMAN MADE 2014 Summer T-Shirts

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1HUMAN MADE 2014 Summer T-Shirts Empty HUMAN MADE 2014 Summer T-Shirts on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:10 am


There’s no shortage of great summer tees on the market this season, but NIGO‘s HUMAN MADE presents a strong selection of its own for Summer 2014. Made by the iconic Japanese company, Warehouse, the brand’s latest T-shirts feature vintage-style graphics printed on wonderfully-textured, premium cotton fabrics. Highlights include designs like the Panda and Clock T-Shirts, as well as a pair of options that reference NIGO’s own CURRY UP culinary project, all of which are worthy additions to one’s arsenal of warm weather staples. Look for HUMAN MADE’s Summer 2014 T-Shirts now at the HYPEBEAST Store.

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